12ft x 22ft x 52in Really EZ-Up Pools


12ft x 32ft x 52in Really EZ-Up Pools


12ft x 40ft x 52in Really EZ-Up Pools


20ft x 52in Round Really EZ-Up Pools


Really Ez Up Portable Spas















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Are you looking for these kinds of inflatable ring pools, but you want better quality and  and better prices?

And would you like them to have better filter systems so you can actually keep them clean?

And would you like them to last for more than a summer?

Have we got the Inflatable Ring Pools for you!

Really Ez Up Pools! By Legacy Pools USA

These Pools Far exceed in quality anything you will find in the big box store.

Better How? 

  • Three Layer "bullet proof liner " with embedded scrim
  • Rhino Hide Technology
  • Tougher Galvanized Steel  Frame
  • Genuine Waterway Filter Systems with 1 hp motors (not the wind up motors you get in the box at the store) That will keep your pool CLEAN
  • Power to run accessories like automatic pool sweeps and heaters
  • None of the constant leaking of the "other pools"
  • Pool Will stay fill even if you let the air out of the ring
  • UV protected liner will last many many seasons
  • Inflatable Ring Pools


Full Size Pump

Travel Bag

Foot Pump

Waterway Accessories

Wal-mart Pools, Costco Pools, Sam's Club Pools, Target Pools, K-Mart Pools Intex Pool


Really Ez Up Portable Spas

Your Own Affordable Portable Spas Retreat

Portable Spas with 7 Hydro-Therapy Jets and computer controlled functions can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars... but they don't have to. The Really Ez Up Portable Spas has been called "The best value in portable spas" for good reason. Priced well below comparable spas, Really Ez Up  provides all the luxuries of more expensive spas for a fraction of the cost. Really Ez Up  Portable Spas is not just one of the most affordable hot tubs to buy. Constructed with up to 6 inches of solid insulation, Really Ez Up Hot Tub's highly efficient design also makes it one of the most economical tubs to own. As Easy as 1...2...3...4

  1. Roll the Really Ez Up Hot Tub In Place

  2. Fill with water

  3. Plug In

  4. ENJOY the relaxation of your own private hot tub


  • Fits 2-3 people comfortably
  • Capacity : 170 Gallons
  • Outer dim  60 inches
  • Inner dim   52 Inches
  • Height        24in
  • Filled weight   @ 1450 LBS
  • 7 High Flow Jets featuring air induction massage
  • Full Foam insulation for maximum efficiency
  • Leather Plus marine grade vinyl
  • All systems run on a 110v 15 amp circuit (Just plug it into the wall)
  • No assembly required


  • 4 way locking cover
  • 3/4 hp sylent Pump
  • 15 sqft Filter Cartridge
  • Portable Spas Control Computer. Manages all Spa functions, accurate temperature control
  • Pre programmed circulation cycles


Really Ez Up Portable Spas


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